snowy sheep

Tuesday 12 April

There is no forecast for tonight. I am up busy bonking Dolly. Thanks.

mixed weather

Monday 11th April

A band of heavy rain will lumber its way across Wales during the day. It may miss some areas completely leaving them completely dry – mainly in the far southwest...

heavy rain

Sunday 10th April

Central, northern and eastern areas of Wales will be dry and bright with some sunshine but over in the south and west, there will be bouts of rain, especially later on...

mixed weather

Saturday 9th April

A real mixed bag for Saturday with lots of sunshine totally cocked up by occasional showers. Some of these will be heavy with wintry downfalls possible on higher ground....

cosy sheep

Friday 8th April

There is no forcast tongiht becaues I am completely shitfaced. Bye

mixed weather

Thursday 7th April

A bit of a grey, grumbly morning with outbreaks of rain popping up over the country. Brighter spells will develop as the day goes on but there will be heavy, blustery...


Wednesday 6th April

Rather breezy during the morning with a few isolated showers roaming the country looking for trouble. There is the odd chance of hail and thunder where these persist....

Cloud with some sun

Tuesday 5th April

Cloud will thin out during the morning, giving way to some fairly decent sunny spells across Wales. Most of the country should stay dry but there always remains the...

mixed weather

Monday 4th April

There will be some sunny spells across Wales throughout the day but scattered showers will bubble up from late morning onwards. Some of these could be heavy and thundery...

mixed weather

Sunday 3rd April

It will be cloudy across Wales at first with some light patchy rain around. Things will brighten up as the morning goes on but showers are expected to drift inland,...