Snow’s on it way to Wales

Yes, it’s true. Snow really is on its way to Wales tonight. That’s as long as you live up in the hills like we do. If this is the case, you’ll need to...


Monday 7th November

Winds easing across the country, leaving Monday to be a bright, sunshiney day for most places in Wales. There is the possibility of a few showers in the far south west....

Cloud with some sun

Saturday 29th October

A mostly dry but cloudy day with some drizzle hanging around like a bad fart. These will mainly be confined to the coasts and hills. There is the possibility of some...

Cloud with some sun

Friday 28th October

Feeling moist first thing (oo-er) but by lunchtime, we should all be dried up nice, even if skies do stay mostly cloudy. There may be a few outbreaks of loveliness in...

light rain

Thursday 27th October

Another depressingly, dreary and shit-drab day with lots of grey clouds, some rain and and some drizzle. Some dry and brightness in the east and some fresh winds up in...

Mostly cloudy with some sun

Monday 24th October

Pissy rain will move slowly northwards throughout the day. Skies will be dull as shit and winds will be light. Oh – and yes – it will be Monday all...


Monday 10th October

A nipply start to the day but plenty of sunshine throughout the day to keep most people happy. There is the odd risk of a local shower almost anywhere but who gives a...


Tonight’s Forecast

Dark. Light reaching most parts by morning.

moderate rain

Monday 26th September

A proper shitter of a day with outbreaks of heavy rain and strong winds across the land. It’ll feel like a proper autumn day in the wind and rain. Maximum...

sun and cloud

Sunday 25th September

A Sunday full of shiny sunshine and perhaps the odd blustery shower or two. It’ll feel a lot cooler than of late, probably because it’s frigging...