Monday 10th October

A nipply start to the day but plenty of sunshine throughout the day to keep most people happy. There is the odd risk of a local shower almost anywhere but who gives a...


Tonight’s Forecast

Dark. Light reaching most parts by morning.

moderate rain

Monday 26th September

A proper shitter of a day with outbreaks of heavy rain and strong winds across the land. It’ll feel like a proper autumn day in the wind and rain. Maximum...

sun and cloud

Sunday 25th September

A Sunday full of shiny sunshine and perhaps the odd blustery shower or two. It’ll feel a lot cooler than of late, probably because it’s frigging...

sun and cloud

Sunday 18th September

A lovely start to the day once any fog or mist clears, leaving us with a top notch day. Cloud will bubble up as the day goes on however, and by later afternoon, rain...

heavy thunderstorms

WEATHER WARNING: Thursday 15th September

More cocking sunshine with plenty of dry, warm sunny weather across the land. But beware! As the day goes on, there’s a greater likelihood of the heat triggering a...


Wednesday 14th September

Any early morning fog will soon lift, leaving us all with a lovely hot day. I said that yesterday mind and all we had was pissy rain so believe what you will. Maximum...

sun and cloud

Tuesday 13th September

In the west, you can expect outbreaks of rain, possibly thunder at times. Everywhere else, any early morning mist will soon fizzle away, leaving a very warm and sticky...

sun and cloud

Monday 12th September

A mostly dry day with a bit of a stiff (oo-er) breeze but with increasing cloud throughout the day leaving lots of hazy sunshine and sweaty bollocks. Feeling warm,...

sun and cloud

Saturday 10th September

A moist start down in the southeast but the rain will soon lift to leave a shiny, sunny day for most parts of Wales. It’ll feel lovely and summery in the light...